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Latin Food, Mexican Food, Spanish Food, South American Food, Creole Food and Caribbean Food

Latin is the online store for El Mercado Latino - our shop located in the world famous Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington. We specialize in Latin foods and Latin food related products. We also carry items from places in Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa.

We have foods from: Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Belize, El Salvador, Venezuela, and other locations. Shop online for Latin Foods!

Chia Seed

Chia Seeds -  Buy Chia Seed Online.Chia is Arguably the best whole food known to man. Discover the Super Food consumed by the ancient Aztecs for strength and endurance…

Chia Seeds can be eaten plain or you can mix it in your foods and drinks. Including Chia Seed or Chia Meal in your ingredients adds tremendous nutritional value to your products. Chia is richer in Omega fatty acids than Flax and contains high levels of antioxidants. Chia Seeds can be mixed in baked goods, soups, salads, smoothies, or sprinkled on top any dish as a nutritious garnish. Add a tablespoon of Chia Seed in a glass of cold juice for a refreshing, healthy and energizing drink that’s high in protein, calcium and other nutrients.

Get free shipping when you buy the 12 lb deal of the whole Chia seeds or Chia meal. Reselling or stocking up? Get an even better deal if you buy 50 kgs.

Chia Seed Products available at Latin Merchant:
- Black Chia Seeds
- White Chia Seeds
- Chia Meal


Saladitos - Salted Plums
Regular Saladitos/Salted Plums or
Saladitos Con Chile

Mouthwatering salted plums available in Regular and Spicy. We have Saladitos/Salted Plums in small 1.5 oz packets or you can buy Saliditos by the pound or in a 10 pound bag!


Mexican Candy

Latin Merchant has Mexican Candy - Lollipops covered in chili, tamarind candies, ground peanut mazapan, mini caramel in wafer sandwiches, sweet and sour and spicy candy powders... All that, and more Mexican candies to keep your sweet tooth happy. You can order Mexican Candy Online. Click here to view our selection of Mexican Candy.


We can ship anywhere in the US. You can place your order online or you can order by phone.

Latin offers you the ability to conveniently shop online for Latin Food, Mexican Food, Spanish Food, South American Food, Creole Food and Caribbean Food .

Ristras, Fresh Pepper Strings

Edible handcrafted decorations. Spice up your kitchen décor with our fresh pepper ristras. They are great for chili or southwestern themed parties. Our pepper strings also make special and unique gifts for any occasion. FREE AIR SHIPPING!!
Get yours today!!


100% Organic Yerba Mate

100% Organic Yerba Mate - La Merced Yerba Mate
Gives your spirit a healthier lift! La Merced Yerba Mate contains plyphenol antioxidants and has less caffeine than green tea. Do a world of good by buying this Yearba Mate!
Click here to see how.


got maté?

Different kinds of Yerba Maté from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay! We have low prices, and a wide variety of Yerba Maté to choose from. There has to be at least one kind for everybody!

Drinking Maté is one of the best things you could do for your health! To learn more about Yerba Maté, click here.
Click here to view our Yerba Maté product line.


If you prefer to order by phone, please call 1-206-223-9374. Our normal business hours are from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm PST, Monday - Saturday. Sunday business hours are from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm PST. In-store pick up available for phone orders only.


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